03 - 05 February 2022, TU Dortmund University, Germany

Join us for an interdisciplinary conference on
Romantic Interventions at TU Dortmund!


In light of recent developments, please note that the conference has been moved to a digital format!
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03 - 05 February 2022


(Feb. 03, 2022)

from 9 am.

Lounge (Social Session)
9.30 am.

Welcome Address by the Vice President for Research at TU Dortmund University,

Prof. Dr. Nele McElvany


Marie Hologa, Sophia Möllers, Gerold Sedlmayr

10 am.
Panel I: Private and Public Interventions (chaired by Yimon Lo, University of Leuven)

  • Paul Hamann-Rose (Goethe-University Frankfurt, DE): "Private Interventions: Cultures of Romantic Privacy"

  • Marvin Reimann (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, DE): "S. T. Coleridge's Critique of the Slave Trade and the Ideologies of the Imagination"

  • Mark Schmitt (TU Dortmund, DE): "Raging against the Machine: The Luddites, Bullshit Jobs and the Future of Work"

from 12 noon
Lunch Break/Lounge
1.15 pm.
Panel II: Interventions at Home and Abroad (chaired by Christian Lenz, TU Dortmund)

  • Yi-cheng Weng (National Taiwan University, TW): "Cultural Interventions: Representations of China in Priscilla Wakefield's Writings in the Early Nineteenth Century"

  • Leena Eilittä (University of Helsinki, FI): "Expanding the Romantic Horizon: British Travellers Visiting Finland"

  • Md. Monirul Islam (Presidency University Kolkata, IN): "A 'Matter' of Art: William Hodges and Early Colonial India"

  • Frederike Middelhoff (Goethe-University Frankfurt, DE): "Intervention at Home: Representing Migrants in German Romanticism"

3 pm.

Coffee Break/Lounge

3.15 pm.
Panel III: Ideological Interventions
(chaired by Cyprian Piskurek, TU Dortmund)

  • William Davis (Colorado College, US): "Hegel and the Valueless Aesthetic"

  • Walter Grünzweig (TU Dortmund, DE): "'Life is Our Dictionary': Ralph Waldo Emerson's American Scholar and the Invention of Cultural Studies in American Transcendentalism"

  • Gerold Sedlmayr (TU Dortmund, DE): "Romantic Postcapitalism? Robert Owen's Theory of Value in Report to the County of Lanark (1820)"

5 pm.

Keynote I: Prof. Peter Kitson
"Opium and Addiction in a Cross-Cultural Context: De Quincey's Confessions (1821) and the Romantic Illusions of the Fool of Yangzhou (c. 1848)"

from 7 pm.
Get-Together (Social Session)

(Feb. 04, 2022)

from 9 am.
Lounge (Social Session)
9.30 am.

Panel IV: Economic Interventions (chaired by Nadja Rottmann, TU Dortmund)

  • Joanna Rostek (LMU Munich and University of Giessen, DE): "Women Economists of the Romantic Period"

  • Caroline Koegler (University of Münster, DE): "Grievable Feelings, Capital Constraints: Emotion and/as Property in Henry Mackenzie’s Julia de Roubigné (1777), Anonymous’ The Woman of Colour (1808), and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (1847)"

11 am.
Coffee Break/Lounge
11.15 am.

Panel V: Proto-Feminist Interventions (chaired by Liz Wan Yuen-Yuk, University of Oxford)

  • Sarah Burdett (St Mary's University, UK): "Theatre as Political and Cultural Intervention: Women Warriors, Nationalism, and the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars upon the London Stage"

  • Monika Class (Mainz University, DE): "Elizabeth Hamilton (1758-1816): Woman Disseminator of Common-Sense Philosophy"

  • Monika Lee (University of Western Ontario, CA): "Lucretia as Republican Intervention in P. Shelley's The Cenci"

12.45 noon
Lunch Break/Lounge
2.15 pm.

Panel VI: Pedagogic Interventions: Audience Education and Reader Orientations (chaired by David Kerler, University of Augsburg)

  • John-Erik Hansson (Université de Paris, FR): "Correcting a 'Leading Defect' of The Enquirer: William Godwin and the Radical Pedagogical, Ethical and Religious Potential of the Imagination (1797-1818)"

  • Sophia Möllers (TU Dortmund, DE): "Writing Crises: Historical Interventions in the Godwinian Novel"

  • Susanne Schmid (Freie Universität Berlin, DE): "The Rebellious William Blake and His Early Readers"

3.45 pm.
Coffee Break/Lounge
4 pm.

Keynote II: Prof. Angela Esterhammer
"The March of Mind: Knowledge Mobilization in the 1820s"

from 6.30 pm.
Get-Together (Social Session)

(Feb. 05, 2022)

from 9 am.
9.30 am.
Keynote III: Prof. Sharon Ruston

"Poetry and Science: The Notebooks of Sir Humphry Davy"
11 am.
Coffee Break/Lounge
11.15 am.
Panel VII: Aesthetic Interventions (chaired by Mark Schmitt, TU Dortmund)

  • Ioannes P. Chountis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, GR): "Byron and the Early Reform Movement: Romanticism and Class Identity in Regency England"

  • Ralf Haekel (Leipzig University, DE): "'All men are aware that the present is a crisis of this sort' – Thomas Carlyle and the End of Romanticism"

  • Philipp Hunnekuhl (Leipzig University, DE): "'cheated into the purposed sentim[en]t': Henry Crabb Robinson on Aesthetic Idealism and Moral Intervention"

12.45 noon
Closing Remarks

Keynote Speakers


Angela Esterhammer
Professor of English
and Comparative Literature
University of Toronto, Canada

Peter Kitson
Professor of Romantic Literature
and Culture
University of East Anglia, UK

Sharon Ruston
Professor of English
and Creative Writing
Lancaster University, UK


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Conference Organisers

Prof. Dr. Gerold Sedlmayr
British Cultural Studies
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M.A. Sophia Möllers
British Cultural Studies
Emil-Figge-Straße 50
Room 3.333

Dr. Marie Hologa
British Cultural Studies
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